Milwaukee Center for Independence, Milwaukee

Milwaukee Center for Independence (MCFI) on South Howell Avenue in Milwaukee, serves adults with disabilities. Many of their clients arrive in wheelchairs, or use other mobility aids. MCFI’s south side facility was a former Kohl’s Grocery Store with a steep parking lot, which presented a dangerous situation for many of their clients. The facility needed a safe drop-off area for about 9 medi-vans, that drop-off and pick-up clients each morning and afternoon.

Working with the Uihlein Wilson Architects, we developed a two-tiered parking lot with a nearly level van marshalling circle above a lower level conventional parking lot. In continuation of that theme we added a curved retaining wall on the south side of the building to turn an ugly loading dock area into a sunken outdoor garden space.


This ugly loading area was re-purposed into a garden space


Former loading space being transformed

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